MENAbytes Dealflow: A virtual demo day for early-stage startups in MENA

We’re launching MENAbytes Dealflow, a virtual demo day where we’ll have early-stage startups (ideally those that have previously not raised any capital) pitch directly to multiple VCs and other investors in the region over Zoom to potentially win investments from them.

The details that startups share will only be reviewed by the team at MENAbytes to screen the applications and select three to five startups for every Dealflow session that we’ll host.


MENAbytes Dealflow is launching with some of the leading early-stage VCs, including Arzan VC, Gritegrity Ventures, Nuwa Capital, Raed Ventures, and Vision Ventures. All these investors are sector agnostic and invest all around the Middle East & North Africa. We’ve checked with each one of them and made sure that they’re actively investing in seed-stage.

Their previous investments (and exits) include companies like Careem, Swvl, Bayzat, Unifonic, Mrsool, Lunchon, Jamalon, Brimore, Breadfast and many more.

How does it work? 

1) Startups submit applications with basic details and their deck.

2) The team at MENAbytes reviews the applications and selects three to five startups (for every virtual demo day).

3) The selected startups pitch (over Zoom) in front of investors (partners) from Arzan VC, Gritegtiry Ventures, Nuwa Capital, Raed Ventures, and Vision Ventures.

4) Investors get back to startups (through MENAbytes or directly) with a yes, we’d like to discuss the opportunity further or no, we’re not interested (ideally with a why) within three working days.

Submit Your Application

The applications have closed now. Please check back later for the applications of the second demo day.

For FAQs, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would review the applications to select startups?
The applications will be reviewed by the team at MENAbytes.

Who would have access to the data submitted by us?
The data and deck shared by you will be accessed/seen by MENAbytes and in some cases by the investors participating in the program.

Will MENAbytes use this data to publish content about our startup?
No, we will never publish anything that you’ve shared for this program on MENAbytes without explicitly asking for permission before doing that.

Who can apply? 
The early-stage (pre-seed and seed) startups from the Middle East & North Africa – ideally those that have previously not raised external investment. If you’ve already raised $500,000 or more, or have been in contact with two or more of the VCs we’ve partnered with, this is not for you.

Is the investment guaranteed for the startups that are selected to pitch?
No, MENAbytes Dealflow does not guarantee investment. We’re trying to help early-stage startups in the region connect with investors actively investing and pitch their products to them through the virtual demo day.

Where will the demo day take place? 
Over Zoom.

Will the other startups be able to watch our pitch? 
For the first demo day, each of the selected startups will be pitching privately to a group of investors (someone from our team will also be there to make sure everything is being run smoothly). Every startup will pitch separately so only investors (and a rep. from MENAbytes) will be able to watch the pitches, no one else. We will continue experimenting with the format and might change it for the future demo days after announcing it.

How long would be the pitches? 
Every startup will be given five minutes to pitch and then the investors will have ten minutes for a Q&A.

When will the first demo day take place? 
We don’t have a set date for now but it will be in late June or early July.  We will get in touch with the selected startups to share the schedule once it gets finalized.

How often will the demo day take place? 
As this is an experiment, we’re not sure about the frequency right now but we’re targeting to have at least one demo day a month.

Are there any prizes for the finalists?
The idea of MENAbytes Dealflow is to connect startups with investors who could potentially write cheques. It is not a competition so there are no prizes.

Will you inform the applicants who don’t get selected? 
Unfortunately, we will not be able to contact all the applicants. We will only reach out to those who have been shortlisted as finalists.

What’s the deadline to apply? 
The last date to submit your applications for the first virtual demo day is June 11, 2020 (Thursday) 10 PM Dubai.

For any other questions, please feel free to send an email to zubair [at] menabytes [dot] com.

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