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Wendy’s joined a trending Twitter hashtag in UAE to take a dig at McDonald’s and people had a good laugh

Wendy’s is a fast food chain that is known for creating buzz on social media especially Twitter. They’re known for their cheeky responses to tweets that would normally go unanswered by most of the brands on Twitter. Earlier this year a teen asked them about how many retweets would it take, for him to win free supply of chicken nuggets and they responded with 18 million. Teen shared the tweet asking for people to retweet it and his call was answered by millions to make, making it the most retweeted tweet of all time with more than 3.6 million retweets as of now.

Yes, he didn’t really get to 18 million retweets but being on top of most retweeted tweets was enough for him to win his nuggets.

Now the same Wendy’s which is not very popular in UAE joined  #SaidNoOneEverInTheUAE, a trending hashtag to take a dig at MCDonald’s UAE.

People were not willing to let it go. 

But Wendy’s UAE always had a comeback. 

Some were really impressed.

The ‘burger wars’ reference was made. 

Free stuff also became a part of discussion. 

Before all of this McDonald’s had also made their attempt on joining the fun. 

In the end it was all in good humor.

Looks like Royal Jordanian has company now in form Easy Taxi, Careem & Wedny’s.

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