Video Viewership on Social Media: 5 top performing brands in Egypt, UAE & Saudi in November 2018

We’re always testing with different type of content and formats on MENAbytes and this article is a part of those experiments. We’ve been creating most of content around startups with very little on digital media. With this monthly series, we’ll try to look at the top performing brands in terms of video viewership on social media in Egypt, UAE & Saudi. The data comes from video analytics platform Mintrics. We welcome your feedback at hello [at] menabytes [dot] com. Here are the numbers for November 2018.

Brands are gravitating towards video campaigns more than ever and the video market is prospering. Egyptian telecommunication brands have earned the highest views in November with NGO’s and real estate developers coming in 2nd and 3rd. The data tells a different story in with Travel, FMCG and Technology representing the top performing industries in terms of video viewership. Finally, in the biggest video producers reside in theE-commerce and Travel industries.

Let’s dive deep into these numbers, shall we?

Top Performing Brands in Egypt

Orange, Vodafone, and Etisalat as always are in an ongoing battle, however, this month it seems like Etisalat has given up. Only two videos were published on their YouTube channel last month. The most views they received in November was 7M views, which is very low compared to the competition. Vodafone, Telecom, and Nefsy At3allem (non-profit org.) are the top three performing brands in Egypt with Orange every so slightly back of the top three with 12M+ cumulative views. Palm Hills topped the Real Estate Industry this month with campaigns revolving around its new city “Badya” and has gained more than 6M total views last month with a total of 18 published videos.

Here are Egypt’s top 5 performing brands this November in terms of viewership:

  1. Vodafone: 38,870,620
  2. Telecom Egypt (TE): 27,556,802
  3. Nefsy At3allem: 26,182,989
  4. Orange: 12,752,546
  5. Palm Hills: 6,522,453

If you have a quick minute to kill, this was Vodafone’s top performing video ad for November.

Top Performing Brands in KSA

The top-performing brand in Saudi Arabia this November was Almosafer, a thriving travel agency that offers cheap flights and trips to KSA citizens. Their top performing video for November was this one with a total of 1.4M Views.

  1. Almosafer (Travel): 8,210,259
  2. Almarai (FMCG): 6,581,010
  3. Huawei Mobile (Tech): 5,442,135
  4. Mobily موبايلي (Telecommunication): 4,442,633
  5. White Swan Rice (FMCG): 4,114,831

Although they were 5th, White Swan Rice actually garnered top scope in terms of overall performance with Mintrics Meter* with a score of 8.8, while Almosafer earned a 5.2. Almarai got 5.1, and Mobily 5.2, while Huawei coming in last with 4.9.

* Mintrics Meter: An algorithm that scores your video out of 10 taking into account all the important metrics that matter in terms of measuring videos performance.

Top Performing Brands in UAE

The United Arab Emirates video landscape is all about shopping, travel, and makeup!

  1. Souq UAE (E-commerce): 43,946,019
  2. Etihad Airways (Travel): 42,698,806
  3. Visit Dubai (Travel): 36,486,855
  4. Noon (E-commerce): 10,318,144
  5. Makeup forever (FMCG): 6,878,240

Etihad Airways broke through the mountain with their video campaigns, earning 42M views whilst Visit Dubai made its way to the top 3 with 36M.

Noon has begun to increase its pace in terms of video marketing, however, Souq is pushing out nearly 4x the number of videos. Noon having 22 videos vs 82 on Souq’s side and thus, maintaining a strong lead in terms of digital video marketing.

The Digital Marketing team at Makeup Forever should be quite happy with their performance having garnered over 6M views as well as huge rates of engagements on their live events and episodes. Take a look.

In November, Souq wins again with a total of 44M views in November with the Black/White Friday sales running all month!

Here’s a peak on one of their most viewed video with 10M views.

And finally, with regards to overall performance, (Measured via our Mintrics’ meter) Souq and Noon received the same 5.1 Mintrics score with Etihad winning out a score of 6.5

All data collected and processed using Mintrics’ Competitive Leaderboard.

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