Cairo-based pet care startup VetCode raises seed funding

VetCode, a Cairo-based pet care startup has raised seed funding, the startup announced yesterday, without disclosing the size of investment. The investment came from Pmaestro, a Cairo-based technology company that helps startups with consultancy services in different areas and also invests in them.

The investment comes at a pre-money valuation of $450,000, which many publications have confused as the amount of money VetCode has raised and have reported the story with incorrect details. Pmaestro’s investment is a mix of cash and in-kind services, their Managing Director Mohammed Mounir Al-Ahwal has told MENAbytes.

Founded earlier this year by Ahmed AlBadawy and Ahmed Maher, VetCode through its mobile apps, enables users to request veterinary care, social care and training services for their pets. The users can requests veterinarians for home visits or find the nearest veterinary clinic. The app also has a marketplace that allows users to buy, sell or adopt pets.

“We are activating our fourth new service (veterinary home care services) in addition to expanding geographically the 3 main services (pets training care – grooming care – social care) in Egypt. Also we are expanding our veterinary care services to cover exotic animal health and marine life health,” said Ahmed AlBadawy, Founder & CEO of VetCode, in a conversation with MENAbytes.

The startup according to their CEO currently has their services available in 12 cities in Egypt with over 200 veterinary clinics on their network. Their apps are currently being used by over 30,000 users.

VetCode was recently among the winners of RiseUp’s pitch competition.

Speaking to MENAbytes about their decision to invest in the startup, Mohammed Mounir Al-Ahwal, said, “VetCode is a unique pet care digital provider. It’s a one stop shop for pet owners that meets our qualification criteria of unique team, customer centric, good idea, having started the operations and some traction. We believe that together we will conquer the pet care digital market in the region and then expand globally.”

The startup plans to use the investment for expansion and scaling their operations.

Update – Dec 23 – 12:40 PM GMT: The story was updated to include a comment by VetCode’s founder and CEO.

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