VC101: An invite-only online bootcamp on fundraising for early-stage founders in MENATP

MENAbytes is partnering with Modus Capital, a New York-based early to mid-stage VC firm with offices in Cairo and Dubai, to launch a free invite-only online bootcamp on fundraising for founders in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey & Pakistan.

Kareem Elsirafy, the Managing Partner of Modus Capital who has been investing in technology startups across the region and beyond will lead and deliver the program.

The online bootcamp that will take place in the form of four online sessions over Zoom will select 25 early-stage founders and help them learn everything they should know about venture capital and fundraising for raising their first round from institutional investors. All the selected participants will be able to engage with the trainer.

All four sessions will also be streamed live on Facebook pages of MENAbytes and Modus to share the knowledge with a broad audience but the viewers on Facebook won’t be able to engage with the trainer.

What will the bootcamp cover

Session no.1: Introduction to fundraising
Date & Time: Monday – Jul 6, 2020 – 7 pm Dubai

– What is Venture Capital?
– How does it work?
– How do VC funds work?
– How do they make money?
– VC in MENATP: An overview
– Why VC is not for everyone. Should you raise or not?

Session no.2: Inside the VCs Mind (seeing things from the investor’s perspective)
Date & Time: Monday – Jul 13, 2020 – 7 pm Dubai

– How VC in MENATP are different from some other parts of the world esp. Silicon Valley?
– What kind of homework should founders do before reaching out to potential investors?
– How do founders find the right investors (fit for me & fit for them)?
– Things founders should keep in mind when they’re doing the first call/meeting with the investor?
– Etiquette
– What makes VCs invest?
– How should founders define and negotiate the valuation?

Session no.3: Becoming Investment Ready – Part 1
Date & Time: Monday – Jul 20, 2020 – 7 pm Dubai

– What founders should know about dilution, vesting, pro-rata, drag along, tag along, and other important terms?
– What’s a SAFE and Convertible Note? What’s the difference between SAFE, convertible note and priced round?
– What should they keep in mind when they’re bringing an investor on their cap table?
– What is vesting? How should they do it?

Session no.4: Becoming Investment Ready – Part 2
Date & Time: Monday – Jul 27, 2020 – 7 pm Dubai

– What goes down (the process from A to Z)
– The most valuable commodity: your time
– Your deck and the audience
– DD checklist (be ready!)
– Follow-ups and alternative options (what now if they don’t say “yes”)
– What to watch out for as an investee
– What investors see as red flags

Application Form

The applications have closed now.

Other FAQs

Who is eligible to apply? 
The founders of early-stage startups in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey & Pakistan that have previously not raised money from institutional investors.

Is the bootcamp completely free? 
Yes. All we expect from selected participants is a commitment to attend the sessions and engage with the rest of the class.

Where will the sessions take place?
Zoom and for a wider audience, they will also be streamed live on Facebook.

How long would be the sessions? 
Each session will be 90 minutes long with another half hour for Q&A at the end.

Why should I apply to join the bootcamp if the classes will be streamed live on Facebook anyway?  
All of those who are selected for the bootcamp will be able to engage with the trainer, facilitator, and other participants – not only during the classes but beyond them as well through different channels (which could be in the form of a closed Slack Community or WhatsApp Group).

Who will see my application? 
The teams at MENAbytes and Modus.

Will you inform the applicants who don’t get selected? 
Unfortunately, we will not be able to contact all the applicants. We will only reach out to those who have been selected to participate.

How many applicants will be selected for the bootcamp? 

What language will the bootcamp be delivered in? 

What’s the deadline to apply? 
The last date to submit your applications for the first virtual demo day is June 25, 2020 (Thursday) 10 PM Dubai.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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