Uber Eats’ new logo is strikingly similar to Dubai-based startup ‘Eat’

Uber unveiled a new logo with complete re-branding on its second anniversary earlier this month. A press statement released by the company said that “the new look of the app is even more vibrant, lively, delightful and aptly reflects the endless possibilities of food that the app offers.”

The logo received mixed reactions from users and the design community. Majority of the users commenting on the new logo weren’t too happy with the change and liked old logo better.

What’s shocking though is that it has striking similarity with Eat’s logo. Eat is a Dubai-based startup that helps users reserve restaurants online in real-time. Born in Bahrain almost four years ago, the startup now offers their services in different Gulf countries.

The startup took it to Twitter to point out the similarity in a sarcastic manner.

A company like Uber wouldn’t go to the level of almost copying a logo of a startup from the same industry. But given their recent history, you can expect anything from them.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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