Egypt’s High Administrative Court cancels ban on Uber & Careem

Egyptian High Administrative Court, today, has overturned the ruling of a lower administrative court that ordered Uber and Careem to halt their operations in the country.

The ruling by the lower administrative court was given in March last year after 42 taxi drivers filed a suit saying that Uber and Careem were violating the country’s laws by using private vehicles for commercial purposes.

But the implementation of its decision was suspended by Cairo Court of Urgent Matters, saying that both the companies should be allowed to continue their operations until the High Administrative Court makes a final decision – which is why both the companies continued to operate but were still waiting for the verdict of High Administrative Court which today has decided in their favor.

Both Uber and Careem had filed a complaint with the High Administrative Court after the March verdict by lower administrative court was announced.

With this latest ruling by the High Administrative Court, it seems that both the companies are out of legal troubles in Egypt, for now at least.

Uber, last week had also signed an agreement with the Egyptian Tax Authority to pay VAT in the country. Careem, according to their spokesperson, has been paying VAT in Egypt since March 2018.

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