9 Insightful Talks You Don’t Want to Miss on Day 2 of RiseUp Summit ‘23

Day two of RiseUp’s summit of the decade at the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to feature some of the event’s most highly anticipated talks across its capital, tech, and creative stages. Whether you’re a startup founder, a corporate executive, or a curious observer, you’ll find no shortage of insight and inspiration from the back-to-back keynotes, panels, and fireside chats set to start at 2 PM. As you’re setting your agenda for the day, make sure you don’t miss these nine talks by an incredible lineup of local, regional, and international speakers.

The Capital Stage

Africa: The New Go-To

Join Dario Giuliani, Mareme Dieng, Wossen Ayele, Lars Veul, Elizabeth Rossiello, Mark Kleyner, and Idris Bello as they discuss the untapped potential of Africa’s market. Despite the decline in European and Latin American funding, Africa is poised to surpass $5 billion in funding with the help of VCs and high-profile startups. The speakers will share lessons learned, their experiences with infrastructure and talent, and the numerous opportunities for services that can be provided.

Speakers: Dario Giuliani, Mareme Dieng, Wossen Ayele, Lars Veul, Elizabeth Rossiello, Mark Kleyner, and Idris Bello.
Time: 14:00-15:00

The Future of Investments in the Region

With a new wave of investment flowing into the area, the potential for growth is massive. This discussion will explore the impact on various ecosystems and the key factors that will drive success, including technology, policies, market level, and more. Global trends will be analyzed to help attendees stay ahead of the curve. This is a must-attend event for anyone looking to gain valuable insights into the rapidly-evolving investment landscape in the MENA region.

Speakers: Ayman Ismail, Mohamed Elzubi, Amal Enan, Hashim Nabulsi, Anissa Kanoun, Aditya Kathpalia, Anurag Agarwal, Kushal Shah, Tammer Qaddumi, and Heba Ali.
Time: 16:55-17:55 

The Endgame: Winning Exits for Startups & VCS

Exiting a startup can be a daunting task, involving many complex factors that require thoughtful planning and strategic decision-making. In this comprehensive session, attendees will delve into the various aspects of exit planning, including identifying potential exit strategies, conducting thorough due diligence, preparing for negotiations, and ultimately finalizing deals. Led by seasoned experts, this session will provide startups with invaluable insights and practical strategies for managing the exit planning process from start to finish. From identifying key value drivers to negotiating favorable deal terms and maximizing returns, this session will equip attendees with the tools they need to successfully navigate the challenging world of startup exits.

Speakers: Laith Zraikat, Zeid Husban, Sameh Saleh, and Bassem Raafat.
Time: 19:40-20:25

Are Recessions a Threat or an Opportunity?

This talk focuses on the impact of recessions on the entrepreneurial ecosystem and whether they represent a threat or an opportunity. While downturns can pose challenges for startups by constraining funding and limiting consumer spending, they can also ignite innovation and create new opportunities for growth. This timely topic will examine real-world case studies of startups, corporates, and VCs that have successfully navigated recessions, highlighting key strategies and lessons learned. At the same time, we will also address the potential risks and hurdles that entrepreneurs may face during an economic downturn, including market saturation and restricted access to funding. The goal is to equip entrepreneurs with a comprehensive understanding of the implications of starting and scaling a business during a recession, empowering them to achieve long-term success in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.

Speakers: Shinez Chalabi, Noureddine Tayebi, Mostafa Amin, and Onsi Sawiris
Time: 20:25-21:10

The Creative Stage

The Evolution of Graphic Design

This exciting panel discussion features Nada Hesham, Ahmad Saqf Alhait, Jochen Braun, Ghalia Elsrakbi, and Nardine Shenouda as they examine the dynamic evolution of graphic design over the past decade and what’s in store for the future. With a focus on the shift from print-based to digital design, this discussion will explore how user-centered design and UX/UI have become increasingly critical for success. The panelists will also delve into the latest trends in motion and animation, 3D design, AR/VR integration, AI and machine learning, minimalist and flat design, and data visualization and infographics. Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer or just starting in the field, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the top experts in the industry and gain valuable insights into the future of graphic design.

Speakers: Nada Hesham, Ahmad Saqf Alhait, Jochen Braun, Ghalia Elsrakbi, and Nardine Shenouda
Time: 16:55-17:35

From a Director’s Perspective: Ads VS TV

Gain invaluable insights from Yahya Ismail, Dibo, and Eslam Hossam as they share their experiences and perspectives as directors who have worked on both commercial and TV/film projects. This engaging discussion will delve into the similarities and differences between these two mediums, offering practical advice and key takeaways for aspiring directors looking to create successful projects in either space. Whether you’re looking to break into the commercial or TV/film world or simply seeking to expand your skillset as a director, this is a must-attend talk.

Speakers: Yahya Ismail, Dibo, and Eslam Hossam
Time: 18:10-18:45 

The Tech Stage

The Role of Innovation and AI in Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Mohamed Saleh, Microsoft Regional Industry Lead for Health and Life Sciences, will deliver an inspiring keynote speech exploring the transformative power of innovation and AI in the healthcare industry. Discover how cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing patient care and drug discovery, and how healthcare organizations can leverage these tools to drive better outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the overall patient experience. With deep insights into the latest trends and developments in the field, this keynote address is for anyone interested in the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Speakers: Mohamed Saleh
Time: 15:10-15:35 

Weaving a Tale of Data: Techniques for Enhancing Your Dashboards and Presentations With Effective Storytelling

Join Nathan Makdad as he shares his wealth of knowledge on data storytelling and visualization in an upcoming talk. Attendees will walk away with insider tips and techniques for expertly incorporating data into their dashboards and presentations, making them more dynamic and attention-grabbing. Nathan will delve into the power of narrative strategies in data visualization, including selecting the ideal visualizations for varying data types and creating captivating storylines that make an impact. Whether you’re a data analyst, marketer, or business leader, this talk promises to deliver invaluable insights and inspiration to help you elevate your data presentations to the next level.

Speakers: Nathan Makdad
Time: 16:55-17:25

The Fintech Boom in Africa

African fintech has been at the forefront of innovation and financial inclusion with the continent’s growing population of over a billion people. From mobile payments to digital banking, fintech startups are transforming the way Africans access and utilize financial services. Join our panel of experts as they explore the latest trends and innovations in African fintech, including the opportunities and challenges facing the region’s fintech startups, the impact of mobile technology on driving fintech adoption, and the role of policy and regulation in fintech growth. Stay ahead of the curve with this insightful discussion on the future of African fintech.

Speakers: Efayomi Carr, Malak El Baba, Ifeoluwa “IO” Orioke, Meghan McCormick, and Akram Eladawy
Time: 18:10-18:55

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