Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gives a shout-out to Egyptian startup Elves

Cairo-based startup Elves that was co-founded by an Egyptian couple Karim Elsahy & Abeer Elsisi received a pleasant surprise earlier today when Facebook’s Chief Operations Officer Sheryl Sandberg gave them a shout out in a Facebook post.

“Such a great story about an Egyptian husband and wife who started the Messenger app Elves – Your Personal Little Helper. It’s a popular personal concierge service that helps people book everything from cab rides to hotel rooms to meeting appointments – and now employs almost 40 people!” said Sheryl in her Facebook post.

Elves through its Facebook Messenger & iOS apps pairs you up with one of its human-assistants to help you find, book and deliver things, anywhere in the world. These assistants recommend only tailored stuff according to your need. If you like the recommendation, you can buy it right from the Messenger or iOS app without signing up anywhere.

Elves has previously won appreciation of many others including some engineers at Facebook but receiving an endorsement from Facebook’s No. 2 cannot be matched with any of that.

Sherly had shared link to a Forbes story about Elves in her post that was published earlier this year, and describes Elves as a sign of how fast the Egyptian ecosystem is evolving.

Here is the Facebook post:

Congratulations to everyone at Elves, its not everyday that you receive an endorsement from a giant like Facbeook’s COO.


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