MENAbytes is expanding into FoodTech with the launch of ‘Shawarma on Blockchain’

We’re very excited to announce our expansion into Foodtech with the launch of ‘Shawarma on Blockchain’.

Shawarma on Blockchain is the revolutionary product that we’ve been working on since we first heard about blockchain. The word, concept, and technology sounded so fancy that we just jumped into it without any research because, to be honest, who has time for that.

We knew we had to build something on blockchain that could work in the region and after seriously considering tens of options, we decided to go with shawarma because what’s better than that.

Shawarma on Blockchain will enable users all across the region to order different types of shawarmas from different restaurants. All the shawarmas will come with a special Blockchain sauce developed by a team of self-certified Blockchain consultants from MENA.

For now, the entire thing is centralized but we are planning to launch our ETH Token and ICO with the aim of raising tens of millions of dollars to build a decentralized ecosystem around shawarmas.

The investment will also be used to lease fancy offices across the region, hire a team of corporate executives who don’t know anything about Blockchain but are excited about its prospects and launch a massive marketing campaign with the use of jargons that make no sense.

The platform is currently available as a private beta. Watch this space for future announcements.

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