UAE’s Reportcard raises pre-seed funding for its cloud-based student management platform

Reportcard, a Dubai-based student management platform has raised pre-seed funding from Kuwait’s Arzan VC, the startup told MENAbytes. The size of investment was not disclosed.

Founded in 2017 by Suraj Talreja, Nitin Nandwani & Anuj Chhabria, Reportcard has built a cloud-based student management system that allows educators of all sizes including (but not limited to) private tutors, schools, colleges and even language centers manage their students from an easy dashboard.

They can schedule the classes, share lesson plans, automate invoicing and the followups, process staff payrolls, and organize inquires, by using Reportcard’s web app. The app also offers different insights to help educators learn about interests and competencies of each student.

The startup uses a freemium model, with a free subscription for institutes with up to 50 students and 20 staff members and a $159/month premium subscription for unlimited students and staff.

Suraj Talreja, who is a Chartered Accountant by education and has previously worked for different startups including India’s Zomato and UAE’s mrUsta, with his co-founders, thought of the idea because they wanted to empower educators (and students) make data-driven decisions.

“Today, almost all our decisions are data-driven. Our Fitbits and Apple Watches tell us to run another mile to meet our daily health goals. Our banks alert us on our spending. We are also actively relying on business intelligence in our places of work. We wanted to extend the same convenience to students and educators, as there is plenty of unmined student information. We believe this could be groundbreaking in terms of having a happier workforce for tomorrow,” he told MENAbytes.

Currently, we are targeting after school activities, tuition services and language centers. We were lucky to be able to closely partner with our initial few customers and remove a lot of the guesswork in product development. Then, with every iteration it became easier for us to show value to like educators.

Reportcard plans to use the investment to fuel its growth and improve its product based on user feedback that they’ve been receiving from tens of clients who are using their product.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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