California-based Qwikly is bringing dockless electric scooters to Dubai

They’re almost here. One of the most hyped mode of transportation, the dockless electric scooters, are coming to Dubai.

Clafironia-based Qwikly is bringing its shared electric scooter platform to Dubai, launching it at the GITEX 2018 next week, the startup announced yesterday.

Focused on micro mobility platform in cities and campuses around MENA, Asia and Europe, Qwikly has already raised a pre-seed funding round from a Japanese investor according to the statement. The information on their website indicates that they haven’t launched their services anywhere – which means Dubai is the first city they’re going after.

The startup is aiming to cater short distance travel of one to three kilometers by focusing on first and last mile connectivity.

The service in Dubai is being launched in partnership with Acacus Technologies, a local technology company specializing in intelligent fleet management and optimization. It is not clear whether the services are being launched with approval of the government. The statement also doesn’t mention any details about their public launch. What normally happens is that companies come to GITEX, announce their new products and services and then take months to roll them out to public – which may very well be the case with Qwikly as well.

When available, people will be able to use the service in few easy steps by downloading the Qwikly app, finding a Qwikly scooter near them, scan and unlock it to start their ride and park the scooter at the end of ride in a away that doesn’t block any public space.

The battery-operated scooters come with GPS tracking and can cover up to 30 kilometers with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers/hour on a single charge.

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It will redefine the way Dubai moves, especially for a short distance travel from the metro or bus station to the office., from home to the nearest metro or a recreation or shopping destination.

UAE Country Manager of Qwikly, Ammr Shaladi, speaking about the startup, said: “Urban micro-mobility has evolved to be a conscious choice today for people across the world. More citizens are taking up the responsibility to choose sustainability and make green living part of their daily routine. Qwikly will focus on bringing this choice to markets globally. Our scooters and technology will focus on making an affordable, easy to use and environment-friendly ecosystem for the daily commute, available to all.”

Speaking about the upcoming launch, Talal Ben Halim, Founder & CEO of Acacus Technologies said: “We are excited to be a part of Qwikly Mobility, as it will play a crucial role in bringing a sustainable micro-mobility alternative to Dubai and other cities globally. Our award-winning fleet management and optimization technology will help Qwikly efficient track and manage electric scooters. As well as identify areas across the urban landscape where it can be optimally deployed, thus making it available to all at the most optimum locations.”

The scooters, as the statement notes, could very useful for short distance travel from metro or bus station to the office or home or maybe a shopping destination but we’re not sure if people will be interested in riding them in Dubai’s unbearable heat.

Starting with Dubai, Qwikly has plans to expand the service to other emirates in the future and eventually to rest of MENA, Asia & Europe.

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