2018 Periodic Table of Tech Investors in MENA

BECO Capital, one of the leading VCs of the region published its 2018 edition of the periodic table of tech investors in the Middle East & North Africa. First published in 2015, this is the fourth edition of this infographic by BECO. The table features most of the investors from the region.

In a blog post, BECO noted that it includes 148 active investors, that have made at least one investment into a tech startup in 2018, divided into 7 categories including MENA VC Funds (34), Incubators & Accelerators (29), Corporate Tech Investors (26), International VC Funds (22), Micro VCs (15), Angel Investors (13) and Tech Acquirers (9).

“In 2018 we saw a significant increase in the Micro VC, with 10 new funds added to our radar. The Micro VC category increased by 200% compared to 2017, making it the highest growth category. Micro VCs generally write smaller cheques, so we can expect to see a surge of investments in early-stage startups in the coming years,” the firm said in the blog post.

The blog post also explained that the 2018 edition features at least 13 new entities in the Incubators & Accelerators category that did not exist in 2017, Tthe highest performing Incubators & Accelerators have held their ground, and new internationally renowned accelerators have set up in the region in 2018.”

It further noted that 22 international VC funds invested in the region in 2018 which is a 120% increase from the 10 international funds that were active in the region the year before, “The top MENA startups have managed to attract global VC’s attention to the region, a trend that we only see accelerating in the near future.”

You can download the PDF of the table here. Another similar resource that you might want to have a look at is our list of VCs, Angel Groups & Accelerators in MENA.


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