Jordan’s Oasis500 appoints Luma Fawaz as new CEO

Amman-based seed investor and accelerator Oasis500 has appointed Luma Fawaz as its new Chief Executive Officer, the firm announced today. Luma is replacing Faisal Hakki, the outgoing CEO who was with Oasis500 since June 2016.

She comes with more than 15 years of experience in different investment and financial analysis roles and was Head of Investments with Oasis500 since August 2015.

Oasis500 is one of the leading early-stage investors in Jordan with companies like Madfooat, ArabiaWeather, Jamalon, ShopGo, ReserveOut, and Tamatem in its portfolio.

Luma in the statement highlights the importance of enriching Oasis500 through capitalizing on its team’s experience, learnings and efforts over the past eight years, to capture the many opportunities ahead and to continue its journey as a pioneering company in the investment and entrepreneurship sector and a distinctive supporter of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan & MENA.

She holds two bachelor degrees in Political Sciences & International Relations from Boston University – United States and a master’s degree with distinction in Finance from the Jordanian Diplomatic Institute.

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