Nabta, a Kuwait-based platform for women’s health wins the Step Pitch Competition

After two days of different talks, panels, and activities, the Step Conference came to an end the day before yesterday. More than 200 startups showcased their products at the conference and many of them also took part in the pitch competition. Three of them were shortlisted and the pitch competition was eventually won by Kuwait-based Nabta.

Co-founded by Sophie Smith & Dr. Mussaad Al-Razouki last year, Nabta is a dedicated platform for women’s health in the Middle East & North Africa.

Focused on MENA, Nabta aims to provide set of different healthcare services to accompany women in important events of their lives, including marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth. Nabta will provide these digital healthcare services in form of clinical advice, AI-driven health recommendations, fertility assistance, and both prenatal and postnatal care through different bilingual (English & Arabic) web and mobile apps.

Speaking about winning the Step Pitch Competition, Sophie Smith, the founder & CEO of Nabta, told MENAbytes: “The best thing about winning the STEP Pitch Competition today was coming off stage and being greeted by people who expressed a genuine appreciation for Nabta and what we are trying to achieve. We want to make women’s health the most talked about subject in MENA – every competition we enter, every opportunity we have to present our vision, gets us a little bit closer to that goal.”

“We have an incredibly dedicated, upbeat, and hardworking team, and the result today is testament to that. We are excited for the future,” she added.

According to their website, their only mobile app that’s available right now is Nabta Fertility. It’s a smart period tracker that allows women to log their temperature, period, status and some other symptoms to provide them with different insights, hints, and tips.

The other applications listed on the website are yet to be launched.

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