Egyptian foodtech startup Mumm launches a meal subscription service for offices

Egyptian foodtech startup Mumm has launched a meal subscription service for offices called Mumm Office Club in Cairo, the startup announced in a statement to MENAbytes.

Mumm’s online marketplace has been selling homemade food cooked by its cooking partners (mostly women including the refugees) to users for over three years but the Mumm Office Club also sources meals from central kitchens in Cairo to offer a large variety of cuisines. The startup delivers the food in form of bulk deliveries to offices all around Cairo using both in-house fleet and third parties.

Mumm partners with companies of different sizes to offer ‘nutritious meals’ at discounted rates to its employees. The savings, Mumm, said, can be passed on to employees as a perk by these companies. Once the company partners with Mumm, its employees can subscribe to receive food on the working days. They have the option to either pick the meals they’d like to receive for the entire month in advance or choose on a daily basis every morning.

The payment for the meals can be made by the employer on a monthly basis to Mumm after deducting it from employee’s salary or the employee can pay it directly on a daily basis using their credit card.

“Boasting a resilient, no-requirement model that seamlessly integrates with company infrastructure within five business days, Mumm Office Club is a comprehensive food program offering over 15,000 unique dishes from a variety of international and Middle-Eastern cuisines,” said Mumm in a statement.

“Determined to tailor the experience of each company to its individual food preferences, “Mumm Office Club” also gives employees full control over their daily orders; allowing them to set their own dietary restrictions and get information on the nutritional value of every single meal,” it added.

Waleed Abdelrahman, founder and CEO of Mumm, said that their early adopters range in size from new software houses with only ten employees to multinationals with over 300 employees, “It took them a few weeks to feel the difference that ‘Mumm Office Club’ made on the overall productivity of their employees. Across the board, the employers witnessed a general decrease in wasted office hours, the spread of a positive outlook on company culture.”

Rolled out last month as a pilot (and launching now officially), Mumm Office Club already has over 700 paying subscribers at ten companies including Swvl, BasharSoft, Bel, Robusta, and Harmonica, using the service.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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