Mogador Web Ftour brought more than 200 Influencers from Morocco under one roof

There’s no denying to the fact that influencer marketing has become one of the most popular tools for marketers and brands in this modern age of Instagram, Snapchat & Youtube. Some have dubbed it as most effective method for customer acquisition. A study has indicated that influencer marketing brings $6.5 for every dollar spent on it. The concept may have originated from United States but it has become as popular in MENA as well.

It has become very common in this part of the world for both local and international brands to reach out to influencers for launching and promoting their products and services using this marketing channel. The digital media agencies and startups like & are also trying to contribute their bit to make it even easier for brands to hook them up with the infleuncers.

Because of these latest trends, we’re witnessing an increase in the events for influencers bringing them together. One such event was organized by Mogador Hotels & Resort which happens to be one of the biggest hotel chains in Morocco. The event that was held at Grand Mogador City Center in Casablanca brought more than 200 influencers including some big names like Amine Raghib & Oussama Benjelloun from the country under one roof for a Ftour.

Apart from providing networking opportunity to all the influencers to interact with each other, Mogador Web Ftour also featured performance by Taliss, a famous Standup Comedian of Morocco and a contest.

“As a hotel chain, we are aware of the importance Influencer Marketing and the impact it has on our brand image. Internet, in general, and Social Media, in particular, are our present and our future, the closer we bring influencers to our brand, the more credible we become through the original content they share with their audience,” said Salma El Morabet, Digital Marketing Manager of Mogador Hotels.

“The idea was also to provide a platform to our influencers where they could interact and brainstorm on how we could take tourism in Morocco to the next level. Our brand’s tagline is “Moroccan Lifestyle” and we would like to team up with Moroccans who positively impact their audience to bring out our diversified culture to the world.”

The event was well applauded by the influencers; some of who had gone live during the event on different social media platforms.

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