MENAbytes joins ‘The Next Web’ as a syndication partner

Since starting MENAbytes a year ago, we’ve been trying to help startups and entrepreneurs from Middle East and North Africa get the exposure they deserve. I think we have done a pretty decent job when it comes to exposure within the region but not so much in terms of international coverage. We do have traffic coming from all around the world but as we are a regional platform focused on MENA, it’s not in big numbers, which makes it obvious that we cannot do this alone.

With our latest partnership, we hope to change that.

We’re very happy to announce our syndication partnership with The Next Web, one of the leading technology news publications of the world, receiving millions of visitors every month. As a result of the partnership, The Next Web will occasionally republish some of MENAbytes’ stories and features on startups.

Many great startups from MENA have struggled in the past for international exposure and media coverage. With this partnership, we’ll be able to change that. We’re very excited to work with The Next Web’s team to highlight the stories of some of the most amazing entrepreneurs from the region.

Speaking about the partnership, TNW Editor Georgina Ustik, said, “There are so many incredibly exciting startups coming out of the Middle East and North Africa. We’re looking forward to our partnership with MENAbytes because it will allow us to spotlight tech ventures in areas where we don’t have journalists on the ground.”

The Next Web has already (re)published the first story from MENAbytes that you can read here.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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