Lean Startup Night to host their first ever event in Cairo

The Lean Startup one of the most famous books among entrepreneurs all across the world. Having sold more than a million copies since publishing it in 2011, Eric Ries, the author of the book has helped entrepreneurs build both tech and non-tech businesses using the lean startup methodology in almost every corner of the world. The book has been translated in over 30 languages and was a New York Times bestseller.

In 2015, Eric Ries took this mission a bit further by co-founding the Lean Startup Company with Heather McGough, and Melissa Moore. Lean Startup Co. produces education content and events to support those who want to learn about the lean startup methodology, the seasoned practitioners and the companies who are trying to incorporate it at scale.

One of the events of Lean Startup Company is Lean Startup Night. It’s a meetup series that helps their community connect and exchange ideas with one another while they learn more about the methodology from the expert network.

Having organized these meetups in different parts of the world, Lean Startup Night is coming to the Middle East & North Africa for the first time with its event in Cairo.

The Lean Startup Night is being brought to Cairo by Novus, an Egyptian innovation firm founded by Hani W. Naguib, who is region’s first Lean Startup ambassador. He is also a popular figure among the local entrepreneurial circles having mentored hundreds of Egyptian startups over last few years.

The event will be hosted at The American University in Cairo and will feature keynote sessions by Hani himself, Robbert Van Geldrop and a fireside chat with Dr. Ayman Ismail, the founding director of AUC Venture Lab.

Hani W. Naguib, commenting on the occasion, said, “We’re excited to be the first city in the Middle East to host this event; it’s a unique opportunity to create an intercontinental mix of tools that are grounded on practice rather than just theory. As a Lean Startup ambassador, I am dedicated to bringing the latest practical knowledge to enrich the local ecosystem with well-informed and updated startups, SMEs and corporates and to help them innovate.”

“As a practitioner of the methodology, I have witnessed firsthand its capabilities in bringing successful innovations to the market. There is a lot of hype around entrepreneurship in the region, and we would like to cement that with concrete, practical know-how from real practitioners,” he added.

It’s a free entry event but requires registration and there are limited seats. You can learn more about the event and register for it here.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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