Dubai-based influencer marketing platform Keepface raises $300,000 in seed funding

Keepface, a Dubai-based influencer marketing platform has raised $300,000 in seed funding from an undisclosed MENA-based VC, the company announced in a statement.

Founded by Vagif Abbasov, Elsad Yusifli, Emin Veli in 2016, the startup connects brands with social media influencers and helps them launch campaigns and measure the performance through their platform.

Keepface seems to have started operations from Azerbaijan before finding a home in Dubai’s Astrolabs for its MENA-based operations. According to their website and LinkedIn company page, their services are available in UAE, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan & Iran.

“We use big data to categorize the influencers so that system can automatically offer most relevant influencers to the brands according to their target group and marketing objectives. Keepface ensures that influencers get compensated for sharing their creative and authentic content, in partnership with brands, with their followers,”, said Vagif Abbasov, the co-founder & CEO of Keepface.

They currently have over 2,000 inlfuencers listed on their platform with their services being used by over 50 brands and agencies including Samsung, Lays and Uber.

“There are several key factors that make us unique, one of which is our influencer-driven strategy. Real value is being created by influencers, so the influencers using our platform and the value created by them are main assets of our company,” said Emin Valiyev, the co-founder and CMO of Keepface.

Keepface plans to use the investment to further develop its products, add more people to its team, and for its expansion to new markets including Russia and MENA.

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