Jamalon launches Jamalon Express, a service to deliver books at your doorstep within 48 hours

Jamalon, the largest online bookstore of Middle East has just launched Jamalon Express, a service to deliver books within 48 hours. Starting with a pilot in Saudi, Jamalon Express has more than thirty thousand titles. It may seem like a very small number compared to the total number of titles that Jamalon offers; 10 million. But the idea is to test the service with this pilot and expand it in the future.

We’re very excited to have started Jamalon Express. It will improve the customer experience immensely as the delivery time for titles available through Jamalon Express will be forty-eight hours. Normally, it would take 1-2 weeks to get the same book through standard service,” said Ala Alsallal, Co-founder & CEO of Jamalon, speaking to MENAbytes.

Jamalon has plans to launch the service in other regional markets next year. They decided to go with Saudi first as its their biggest market, Ala told us.

Jamalon Express is absolutely free to use, meaning there won’t be any shipping charges, and the customers will have an option to pay cash on delivery. It can be used to order books from anywhere in the Kingdom.

The startup is using third-party logistics to offer the service as they have a strategic partnership with Aramex. But they have plans to hire a local team in Saudi to further localize their service and offerings for the Saudi market.

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