How Started? A Timeline – Infographic

Wadi.Com Co-Founders

Co-founded by a Pakistani and two Indians in 2015, has come a long way in two years only. In the process of raising the largest Series A round in MENA with investment of $67 million from Al Tayyar Travel Group, has also become the second largest ecommerce website in Saudi Arabia and is among the largest ecommerce websites in UAE as well. Starting with a one-room office, now has offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Delhi, Beirut & Cairo.

The marketplace co-founded by Pratik Gupta, Ankit Wadhwa & Kanwal Sarfaraz is backed by Al Tayyar Travel Group & Rocket Internet and plans to expand in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar & Oman next year.

We have  created this infographic to highlight all the amazing success of in two years only and everything it has acheived in the process.

Our special thanks to Diala Ziadeh from’s PR Team to help us verify the details listed in the infographic.

How Started? A Timeline - Infographic

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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