Covid-19: Egyptian matchmaking app Hawaya sees a significant surge in usage due to Coronavirus

Hawaya, the Egyptian matchmaking that was previously known as Harmonica, and was acquired by the global online dating company Match Group, is witnessing a significant surge in its usage due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), it announced in a statement today.

The startup that enables Muslims singles all around the world to find and connect with their potential life partner through its mobile app said that it has seen the numbers of messages being exchanged between its users increase by 40 percent (month-over-month in March) and a 25 percent increase in the time spent on the app.

Hawaya has also seen an increase of 50 percent in the usage of its exclusive chat mode. The feature enables two users to choose to temporarily communicate exclusively with each other. When they use this option, they cannot message anyone else on the app.

The app that was initially launched in Egypt is currently expanding to different other Muslim markets including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Turkey. Egypt, however, continues to remain its largest market.

Hawaya CEO Sameh Saleh, in a statement, said, “Given the amount of extra time people have now due to work-from-home, curfew and lockdown regulations, they can increasingly feel lonely as face-to-face time with their friends and even strangers has decreased. That is why we believe that our app is now more important than ever, giving people a sense of companionship and the possibility of finding lifelong true love.”

The startup is encouraging digital conversations by posting coronavirus advisories, emphasizing the importance of staying home and getting acquainted remotely.

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