Finnish customer service-focused bot building platform GetJenny raises $2.3 million from Dubai Angel Investors and others to expand to MENA

Helsinki-based customer service-focused bot building platform GetJenny has raised $2.3 million (€2 million) as seed funding in a round led by Dubai Angel Investors and May Nasrallah, CEO of deNovo Corporate Advisors, a Dubai-based corporate finance advisory firm, to continue its expansion across Nordics and MENA, the startup announced today. The round was also joined by other angel investors from MENA, and Finland-based Exio and Business Finland.

GetJenny’s co-founder and CEO Teemu Kinos, speaking to MENAbytes, confirmed that the company plans to open an office in Dubai by the end of this year and use the investment to acquire a larger customer base in MENA.

Launched in 2016, GetJenny’s platform allows companies to automate conversations and tasks with the help of chatbots that can be built without any programming knowledge. The startup on its website claims automation of customer support by up to 80%. The platform supports over 30 languages including English and Arabic continues. The basic idea of GetJenny’s chatbot as explained on their website is to allow customer service experts to focus on complex matters and cases requiring empathy while it takes care of the repetitive questions.

The startup also suggests answers to customer service reps based on historical chat data and canned answers. GetJenny currently offers integrations for many leading chat and customer service platforms including Facebook Messenger, Liveperson, Zendesk, Slack, Telegram, Genesys, Salesforce Live Agent, and Skype. GetJenny claims that their service also helps in reducing the queue times as it can handle multiple conversations simultaneously.

Teemu Kinos, commenting on the investment, said, “This investment round has provided us with a market entry opportunity where we can help customer support teams around the world fall back in love with their jobs and provide meaningful assistance to those in need.”

Abdullah Mutawi, Co-Founder and Chairman of Dubai Angel Investors, said, “Our investment in GetJenny hits right in the middle of our sweet spot; cutting edge and highly scalable technology led by a focused, execution driven world class team, disrupting an outdated industry. We have no doubt that GetJenny will achieve in the Middle East the same success it has in Scandinavia. The AI revolution is led by companies like GetJenny whose journey we are very excited to have joined.”

May Nasrallah, Founder & CEO of deNovo Corporate Advisors, noted, “I advise numerous regional and international companies on their corporate finance needs and have seen many companies struggle to maintain quality customer support as they rapidly grow and scale. I believe that GetJenny’s solution stands out in how it leverages its bespoke artificial intelligence-driven product to solve such challenges.”

“I’m excited to be an investor in GetJenny to support their ambitious growth and expansion plans. From what I’ve seen, I believe the company is well positioned to help businesses provide consistent, high-quality customer service in any of the markets it operates in around the world, and in particular the MENA region,” she added.

Since launching, GetJenny has worked with over over 40 clients across Nordics and MENA. The platform, according to their website, is currently being used by insurance, financial services, healthcare, IT support, events, accounting, e-commerce, energy and retail companies, as well as governments and workers unions.

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