Exits MENA Partners With Brainy Squad to Develop Creative Investment and Entrepreneurship Content

Brainy Squad and Exits MENA have announced a partnership aimed at creating informative and engaging content that delves into investment and entrepreneurship topics. By leveraging Brainy Squad’s creative and production services with Exits MENA’s expertise in the investment industry, this collaboration aims to provide valuable insights for businesses and entrepreneurs in the MENA region. 

According to Fady Salah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brainy Squad, “Access to valuable information is a prerequisite for a flourishing economy. This certainly applies to the world of investment and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to help organizations succeed and, through our partnership with Exits MENA, we will help them succeed by contributing to the provision of valuable information in the areas of investment and entrepreneurship.”

Founded in 2016, Brainy Squad is a digital and creative agency based in Egypt that offers a wide array of services to commercial organizations, startups, international organizations, and government stakeholders. On the other hand, Exits MENA is an online investment marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in a seamless and easy-to-use transactional platform. It serves startups and SMEs by helping them get the needed exposure for global mergers and acquisitions and funding opportunities. 

This partnership will focus on supporting entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and MSMEs, and contributing to the growth and upscaling of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the MENA region.

“There is a lot of misconception about MENA’s investment environment and landscape although it is currently the heart and birthplace of numerous unicorns and camels that are leading industries. Exits MENA is keen to educate and inform the general public and redirect them towards their potential,” said Ahella El Saban, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Office of Exits MENA.

Through this partnership, Brainy Squad and Exits MENA hope to promote a culture of innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship in the MENA region, providing businesses and individuals with creative tools and resources for success.

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