Egypt’s Eventtus unveils new identity, launches a new product to help event sponsors and exhibitors with leads

Cairo-based event engagement platform that is one of the region’s leading providers of branded event apps and registration and ticketing solutions sells different digital solutions to event organizers has unveiled its new identity today and announced their expansion beyond event apps with the launch of their latest product called Leadbox.

Mai Medhat, the co-founder and CEO of Eventtus, speaking to MENAbytes about the new identity, said, “I am extremely excited about this phase of Eventtus’ journey. While I really liked our logo, the new visual identity and communication message reflect our vision ideally. We want to inspire all event stakeholders to realize that event success could be bigger than they can imagine yet easier to achieve than they would think. That is why we are also introducing a new motto: “Think Big, Think Easy.” It’s a powerful start to new expansions and new products that will better serve our customers.”

Eventtus’ new product ‘LeadBox’ is a lead generation tool for sponsors and exhibitors of events that will help them capture, qualify, and collect leads. LeadBox will also help them analyze their performance during the event. It enables users to rate leads to differentiate the important ones from irrelevant ones, qualify them on the basis of customized questions, and monitor this data through real-time reporting.

Mai, speaking about LeadBox, added, “It is a simple, yet very powerful tool for exhibiting companies to capture leads, manage the time they spend at events and measure their ROI. I’m very excited about this new addition to our products list and the value it adds to our customers.”

Eventtus having raised $2.65 million from Algebra Ventures, 500 Startups, MEVP & Raed Ventures, is one of the best-funded startups of Egypt. The startup has names like Startup Grind, Dubai Future Foundation, Vodafone, Step, RiseUp and Gitex among its clients.

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