Cairo-based Entlaqa raises $300,000 to build SaaS products

Entlaqa, a Cairo-based start that builds SaaS (Software as a Service) products has raised $300,000 from two Saudi investors, Salem ben Saleh Ba Wazier and Mohamed ben Saleh Ba Wazier, at a million dollar valuation.

Originally founded in 2013 as a software company offering their services to businesses, Entlaqa has recently shifted their focus towards being a venture builder for SaaS products. That is precisely what the investors were interested in, the in-house products of Entlaqa – some of which are already available in the market and some are work in progress, their Founder & CEO Ahmed Ashoor told MENAbytes.

Their first SaaS product, Attend Zone, is an attendance system that enables companies to track and manage attendance of their employees. The employees can check-in and check-out using Attend Zone’s Android or iOS app and Attend Zone will save the location (using GPS) that they logged in from for reports and analytics. Employers also have the option to add different locations as authorized zones so employees can only check-in and check-out from these locations.

Employers can track attendance and reports using their web-based management portal from anywhere. Attend Zone currently has three subscription plans starting at $5 a month for companies with 10 or less employees, going up to $50 a month for up to 150 employees.

The company is currently working on many other SaaS products.

Apart from the SaaS products, they have also built some other in-house enterprise products including a learning management platform.

Entlaqa plans to use the investment to continue the development of their SaaS products and sell them worldwide.

“We will be using the money to complete the development of our SaaS products, and create web portals for each product to be sold worldwide directly through our websites. Also, we will use the money to fuel our marketing efforts and reach markets all around the world,” said Ahmed Ashoor, speaking to MENAbytes.

They’re also working on an ecommerce platform for retailers, Ahmed added.

Entlaqa currently employs a team of 20 at their only office in Cairo. Starting next year, the company also plans to acquire products or (stake in startups) following Cairo-based A15’s model.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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