Dubai to create creative and economic free zones in universities

Sheikh Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai has approved a new strategy to create economic and creative free zones in public and private universities enabling students to carry out business and creative activities as integrated part of the higher education.

The move is part of the 50-Year Charter that the government is implementing to ensure “a sustained development march that will turn Dubai into best city in the world.”

With these free zones, the city aims to support the students with education and research, and funding and help universities graduate not students, but successful entrepreneurial employers.

The Crown Prince in a statement said, “As we approve the strategy to create economic and creative free zones in universities, we set in motion a revolutionary plan that will assist students to realise their dreams in becoming the young successful business leaders of the future.”

Announcing the strategy on Twitter, he added that it will strengthen city’s position as a regional hub for youth support and development of a new general of educational concepts based on innovation and technology.

“The strategy will strengthen Dubai’s position as a regional hub for youth support and the development of a new generation of curricula and educational concepts based on innovation and technology.”

He also highlighted the importance of supporting graduates in “their quest to create progress and how that supports Dubai’s approach to become a leading global hub for entrepreneurship and investment in knowledge.”

The strategy was prepared by the Dubai Future Foundation by working closely with other government entities that will continue to work together for its successful implementation.

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