3 Cool Coworking Spaces in Riyadh

This post is part of our series in which we are going to cover the coworking spaces in MENA. We’re starting things off with Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where the concept of coworking is still very new. Yes, there have been a space or two since last three years but they’re not as popular as they are in some other parts of the region. Currently, there are less than five operational spaces in Riyadh that welcome entrepreneurs, freelancers & startups. The options their offer in terms of pricing, amenities, desk types and access hours for all these coworking spaces in Riyadh are listed below.

1) Upscale
Co-founded by Salah Alhomaidhi, Mohammed Alhomaidhi and Huda Alosaimi, Upscale is our favorite coworking space in Riyadh and is definitely among the best ones in the whole region. The attention-to-detail these three young and enthusiastic founders have given to almost everything in the space is just amazing. Having started formally earlier this year, Upscale is located in North of Riyadh and has prices starting from 75 SR an hour to 1250 SR a month for different options. Yeah, its quite expensive in terms of hourly packages.

Location: Riyadh
Types: Shared Space, Cubicle Desk, Private Office, Meeting Room
Pricing: Hourly, Monthly
Amenities: Stationary, Free Coffee, Drinks & Snacks, Internet, Printer, Copier, Scanner, Parking, Lockers
Access: Upto 24/7 Access (not in every plan)
Website | Twitter | Instagram | Directions

2) The Work Hub
Co-founded in 2013 by Moha Alsouli and Yasser Alsanie, The Work Hub is a coworking space located in North of Riyadh offering different options for both individuals and teams. The prices range from 55 SR a day and go upto 3500 SR/month. Its the oldest and most popular space among entrepreneur and freelancers of Riyadh.

Location: Riyadh
Types: Flexible Desk, Team Table, Meeting Table (available on per hour basis)
Pricing: Daily, 4-Day, 8-Day, Monthly
Amenities: Stationary, Mailing Address, Whiteboards, Coffee, Internet, Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax
Access: Upto 24/7 Access (not in every plan)
Website | Twitter | Instagram | Directions

3) Allure Hub
Allure Hub is another coworking space in Riyadh; co-founded by Ziyad Al Twaijri, Taraq Alaqeel & Faisal Almoka, in 2014. Located on King Fahd Road in Riyadh, they have hourly rates and monthly packages for options ranging from cubicles to meeting rooms. Our favorite package has to be Causal Access which costs 500 SR/month and you have access from 8 am to 11 pm that allows you to sit anywhere in the shared space to work, browse the internet or just read and you have free drinks.

Location: Riyadh
Types: Shared Space, Cubicle Desk, Private Office, Meeting Room
Pricing: Hourly, 5-Day, Monthly
Amenities (Vary with packages):  Beverages, Stationary, Printing, Car Parking
Access: Upto 24/7 Access (as per the plan)
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Directions


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