Guide to Coworking Spaces in MENA

MENA Startups have seen tremendous growth in 2016 with startups like Careem and Souq raising hundreds of millions at billion-dollar valuation. All of these developments are very encouraging for the whole ecosystem and makes it easier for new and upcoming entrepreneurs to take the initiative.

With more dollars being poured into every stage of investment for startups in MENA, there have also been additions in accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces all around the region.

With the increasing interest in entrepreneurship and startups, the demand for coworking spaces has also increased significantly and the region has seen many new coworking spaces opening doors last year. In this list, we’ll try to cover almost all the coworking spaces from the region. We’ll start with Saudi & UAE and continue adding spaces from all around MENA. We won’t include the conventional companies providing serviced offices in this list.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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