CharterClick lets you book yachts and speedboats in UAE

CharterClick is a startup from Dubai that lets you book yachts, speedboats and fishing vessels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. All of you who’ve been to UAE or lived there must have a fair idea of how the country is known for having some of most luxurious yachts in the world. Now many of those yachts can be booked online without getting into any hassle whatsoever.

Co-founded by Vlad Mozharov, Nick Doroshenko & Michael Siyatskyy, the startup has been entirely self-funded and all the three co-founders are from hospitality background. The inspiration for starting this business came from the frustration that founders had to face when booking yachts and activities for their guests. “It used to be a completely broken and tiring process.” Michael Siyatskyy, one of the co-founders and head of content curation told us.

Left to Right: Vlad Mozharov, Nick Doroshenko & Michael Siyatskyy – the co-founders

Launched last year, the CharterClick lets you book all types of vessels including yachts and speedboats. The prices range from 300 AED to 5000 AED an hour. The book process is pretty simple and straightforward. You select a boat, schedule your trip, pay with your credit card and you’re good to go. However you must book atleast 12-hour in advance. At this point, they have 37 vessels available to be booked online through their website. They’re targeting to have 45 by the end of this month.

When we asked about the market size (suggesting that its a very niche product and there may not be many customers interested to book vessels online), Siyatskyy said:

“We beg to differ. We completely realize that in comparison with, let’s say, car and hotel market, boat market is pretty small. However we look at it from a slightly different perspective. As of now, we haven’t seen a single platform that would unify different types of vessels under one roof, and would give them an ability to be sold directly to the customer. There may’ve been platforms that give this opportunity as an option, but they are largely unknown and bulky – meaning that in order to actually complete the process of providing a service, both sides had to jump through too many hoops.”

He went onto add “But we truly believe that once there is a platform that simply connects both entities on different sides of a transaction, we will see more and more people coming to us in order to be represented on CharterClick. Only Dubai has around 300 boats (yachts/boats, fishing vessels) available for business, and there are a lot more available all around the world, waiting to be discovered to get on board with CharterClick.”

The company is also negotiating with partners in Oman and plans to go live there within next two months with 20 vessels. After Oman, they also have plans to expand into Qatar and Bahrain. If things go well in the Middle East, CharterClick plans to take their services to United States and beyond as well.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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