Careem launches its services in Palestine

Careem has announced the launch of its services in Palestine. Starting its operations in Ramallah this Thursday, the company plans to extend them to more cities in the future. The company said that its part of their broader commitment to better serve the Middle East region and that the investment in Palestine is in-line with company’s mission to create more than a million jobs in MENA by 2018.

Also, the company sees this as an opportunity to empower the Palestinian population through the transfer of knowledge and skills, with the possibility of stimulating advances in technology and other sectors from communications to logistics, it said in a statement.

“At Careem, we are committed to solving local problems in our region by providing access to reliable transportation and aiding in the creation of jobs. But our region would not be complete without including Palestine,” said Mudassir Sheikha, CEO and co-founder, Careem.

“At the same time, we aim to shine a light on Palestine as an opportunity for investment by other startups and local businesses. Palestine is home to amazing tech talent; however, few companies outside Palestine take advantage of this fact. We feel blessed about the fact that we’ve already inspired a new wave of entrepreneurship in the region, and we hope our move into Ramallah will give other companies a compelling new option for tapping into the local talent pool.”

Careem’s mission to make people’s lives simpler comes down to connecting people from point A to point B without hassle – something we hope to do for all Palestinians, he added.

The news was welcomed and received praise by a lot of people on Twitter and other social networks.

Currently, they have their services available in more than 50 cities in 13 countries and have started expanding into delivery business as well with the launch of its delivery services in Saudi & UAE.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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