Bitcoin reaches a new milestone, passes $4,000 for the first time

Only a week ago Bitcoin passed $3000 for the first time. Today it has reached $4000 setting another all-time high and a new milestone. That’s a an increase of $1000 or 33% within one week which is crazy. Until yesterday, it was trading below $3,700. At the time of writing, its trading at $4,066.08. It’s market value has now increased to $66 billion, up from $52 billion last week.

Here is the chart showing how much it has increased in last one year. From $571.44 to $4066. 

This one shows that the lowest value it has traded at during last one month has been $1.938.94.

This one showing that it was trading at $3257 only a week ago. 

And this last one showing that only a week ago its market cap stood at about $52.7 billion and now it has reached $66.7 billion. All in a week only. 

The latest surge is being credited to strong Japanese demand  of the digital currency. According to CryptoCompare, Japanese Yen accounted for 46% of bitcoin trade around the globe last, US-dollar came second with about 25% of the trade and Chinese yuan and South Korean won combined accounted for about 12%.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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