Bitcoin breaks above $10,000 for the first time

There was so much being said about the $10,000 barrier for bitcoin. Different analysts earlier this year predicted that it’s going to hit it late in 2018. Well, guess what, they were all wrong. About that part that it needed all this time to get to $10,000. We’re already there.

Since hitting this biggest milestone yet, Bitcoin is now at $10,623 as we write.

It has been a little more than three months since we wrote about it breaking above $4,000 barrier, which means that people who invested in it at that time have already doubled their money, more than that actually.

Here is a chart showing how it has reached from $742.01 to $10,623.44 (as we write) in one year. 

With the cryptocurrency hitting the $10,000 barrier, there are more people than ever calling it a bubble now. Let’s see if they turn on the right side of history.

And yes, Morocco became the first country from MENA to ban bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies, just last week.

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