10 Best Funded Startups in UAE – Infographic

From Careem becoming the first unicorn to Souq’s acquisition by Amazon, last few months have brought a lot of good news for tech scene of the region. Dubai has emerged as the headquarter for startup community of the region. The city has become the hub of all tech and startup activity in the region. But its not just Dubai or UAE; there’s so much happening all around the region that it’s becoming difficult to keep track of everything.

With MENAbytes, we’re trying not only to cover news and updates but organize the available information as well so it can be accessed and put into use easily. So you’ll see a lot of infographics, lists and different other series on the blog in coming days. For now, we have made this infographic about the Best Funded Startups in UAE as of today. Allt these startups happen to have their headquarters in Dubai so in other words these are also the Best Funded Startups in Dubai as well.

We have left out Noon because they’re not live yet and we’re not even sure if we could call them a UAE-Startup anymore as Noon’s founder Mohammed Alabbar has recently announced to move its base to Saudi Arabia. Nonetheless when things change, we’ll be happy to revise the list. We’ve relied entirely on Crunchbase for rankings and numbers in the infographic. However we don’t recommend it when it comes to early stage startups or seed rounds from the region. For that, MAGNiTT’s funding tracker is a great resource.

If there’s a specific infographic, list or anything else that you would like to see on the blog; please let us know on one of our Facebook, Twitter or you may use our Contact page.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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