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Bayzat is tech startup based in Dubai that provides insurance & HR solutions to individuals and business. Co-founded by Talal Bayaa in 2013, Bayzat has raised more than $7 million in funding until now becoming one of the best funded startups in UAE. It’s latest investment of $3 million came in May from unnamed investors. Bayzat’s previous investors include BECO Capital, WOMENA & Raed Ventures.

Today, we are going to have a look inside their office in Dubai that employs more than 50 people from 20 different nationalities. We’ll also try to learn a bit about their work culture and share thoughts of their employees about working at Bayzat. This post is a part of our Startup Offices series and if you would like to have yours featured, please get in touch.

They have this cool open-plan office with workstations of all the team members. Not only does it look beautiful but is great for communication among all the team members.  

First thing you would probably notice when you enter Bayzat’s office is how colorful it is. All the colors seem to have been chosen with a purpose in mind to create a calm, peaceful and creative work environment.

Oh and just-in-case you had few minutes to kill before a meeting or wanted to relieve stress, there is a table football for you right in the office. And yes, table sport is a great stress reliever. Someone from the Bayzat’s team seems to have put in a lot of research while designing the office to ensure a healthy work environment for their employees.

And if that was enough, they have this little playroom as well where employees can unwind. It is filled with stuffed toys, bean bags, and padded flooring. 

Mridul Bajoria who has been with Bayzat since last two years and currently works as a Project Specialist told MENAbytes: “I really enjoy our company, culture and office, which rewards it employees for hard-work and long hours. The office itself has got a lot of character, and helps you stay inspired with its great open spaces, and chill-out rooms to unwind and relax in when the going gets tough.”

Remember, we talked about colors? 

What you see on this colorful wall are not some random shapes. Its very creative artwork depicting powerful messages and values. 

Sevla Serbest is the Director of People & Culture at Bayzat. She told us: “The people make Bayzat. Our hiring process is arduous, long, and detailed, but it has helped us recruit the best minds and spirits in the MENA region. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

At one end of the office, they have this super-cool pantry that’s fitted with a refrigerator, coffee-maker, cutlery, mugs & glasses, and high bench tables. Company’s HR regularly arranges pizza days, coffee mornings and other treats for the employees.

Even though most of startup’s staff work from the open space, they have three small wooden and glass ‘mini-houses’. Two of them mini offices where members of the team can go and chat or carry out group work out of the hustle and bustle of the main office. For more sophisticated meetings, Bayzat has a large meeting room, and a slightly smaller drawing room used for intimate interviews and team discussions.

Ozgur Akyuz who has been Bayzat’s Head of Marketing for more than a year told us: “Joining Bayzat has been an incredible experience; tough, but infinitely rewarding. Being paired with like-minded individuals who are all working together towards a common goal makes for a great company culture.”

And look at how cool even their stationary is.

Bayzat holds regular events that brings its employees together at and beyond work. Some of the interesting events include ladies nights for the women of Bayzat and bi-weekly team meetings where a select team or individual gives a talk about their role, or something that can help other team members grow in their professional lives. At the end of the month, they also celebrate that month’s list of birthdays with cake.

Its very obvious that the HR & young leadership of Bayzat understand the importance of great work culture and are making all possible efforts to build a great organization.

Startup Offices is a Series in which we cover offices of regional tech startups and try to understand their work culture. We also speak to the employees at these startups to learn their thoughts and feedback about working there. If you would like to have your startup featured, please send us an email at hello [at] menabytes [dot] com or talk to us on Facebeook or Twitter.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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