Africa Business Heroes, RiseUp’s North Africa Partner, Opens Applications for Fifth Edition

Applications are now open for the fifth edition of Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH), a program that gives African entrepreneurs a unique platform to showcase their startups. The top 10 finalists will share a $1.5 million cash grant to grow their businesses.

ABH is the Jack Ma Foundation’s flagship philanthropic program spotlighting Africa’s entrepreneurial talents and supporting the next generation of African entrepreneurs across all sectors. The program focuses on entrepreneurs who are building a more sustainable and inclusive economy for the future of the continent.

“I think in terms of economy, Africa is growing. We believe the time is now, entrepreneurs are the foundation of the economy. We support them, we support the economy,” Michael Mang, Program Director of Africa’s Business Heroes, told MENAbytes.

As ABH’s anchor partner in North Africa for the fifth year in a row, RiseUp held an information session in its summit of the decade, urging startups to apply. Entrepreneurs from all 54 African countries, across every sector, age group, and gender are encouraged to submit their applications in either French or English for a chance to compete for a spot among the top 10 finalists of ABH. Application eligibility includes being African, being a founder or a cofounder of a business legally registered in Africa, and proving business operation and revenues for three years. 

The competition entails several rounds of rigorous evaluation panels, and approved participants get access to a community of international leaders and innovators, industry experts, investors and accelerators, and a number of multi-disciplinary boot camps and training sessions.

“The day you enter the competition, you enter the community. In that community you are connected with all the 54 countries’ entrepreneurs, with chances to expand your business and get market insights, you get constant feedback,” added Mang.

Interested entrepreneurs can apply through the ABH website. Applications close on May 12, 2023.


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