List: Angels in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey & Pakistan

There’s hardly any public resource that aggregates information about angel investors actively investing in the region. With this list, we’re trying to create that. It features the angel investors who previously have (and are continuing) to invest in the startups in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and Pakistan. The list features some basic details about them including contact information. All these details have been shared by the individuals themselves.

If you’re an angel investing in the region and would like yourself to be included in the list, you can submit your details using this form. For now, we’re only accepting submissions from angels who have previously invested in startups in the region and are willing to share names of their portfolio companies (one of them at least). We are looking to add more angels investing in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arabia Emirates, and more markets of the region.

Disclaimer: Even though we have tried, it is not possible for us to ensure accuracy of the details provided by the investors. Please do your own research and diligence before you engage with any of the investors in this list. 

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