Amazon preparing for the launch of to replace in UAE

Almost a month after CNBC reported that Amazon is planning to launch its Middle Eastern marketplace, new screenshots of this Amazon marketplace have surfaced online, suggesting that its launch is almost here – at least for the customers in the United Arab Emirates.

The screenshots were shared by Esanjo and JadoPado’s founder Omar Kassim on Twitter.

The first screenshot, per Omar’s tweet, is from the homepage of staging website of For those of you who don’t know, a staging website is used for testing purposes and is normally an exact replica of the live website, which in most cases is not open to public yet.

The second screnshot comes from Amazon Seller Central for UAE that’s already live on Amazon Seller Central would replace Souq Sellers enabling brands and merchants to use it to sell their products to This screenshot unlike the first one comes from the live page that offers/confirms some interesting details.

Amazon on the pages, notes, “Since 2017, we have been focused on integrating our Souq and Amazon offerings and working hard to move our Sellers swiftly over to the Amazon system to provide a more effective service and greater selling opportunities that will help them grow their business.”

The page also explains that Amazon is currently moving their inventory from Souq Sellers to Amazon Seller Central account gradually and that the merchants can login to Amazon Seller Central account using their Souq login credentials.

“You can still manage your business in your Souq Selling Center account as usual until further notice. Meanwhile, you can access your new Amazon Seller Central account to check your migrated details and get familiar with using your Amazon Seller Central. The price and quantity of your listings that is available in your Souq account is copied to your new Amazon Seller Central Account every 24 hours,” adds Amazon on the page.’s new office in Amman, Jordan also confirms that Souq’s brand is about to get absorbed into Amazon. The new office doesn’t carry any Souq branding and its lobby welcomes the visitors with an Amazon logo on the wall. The pictures of this new office were also shared by’s CEO Ronaldo Mouchawar.

With these new developments, it’s almost obvious that Amazon is maybe a few weeks away from the launch of that will replace (in UAE) – a company it had acquired for $580 million almost two years ago.

What remains to be seen though is if Amazon Saudi and Amazon Egypt will also launch around the same time or not.

Zubair Naeem Paracha
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