Saudi’s Al Tayyar Travel Group rebrands as Seera

Riyadh-headquartered Al Tayyar Travel Group, one of the leading travel companies of the region that also runs and owns Almosafer and Tajawal, has rebranded as Seera, the company announced yesterday.

“The name and identity of Seera, meaning journey, is the culmination of the Company’s transformation efforts, which has seen its operating environment undergo a significant shift. The new brand name and its logo, symbolizing the voyage of a traveler around the world, serves as a reflection of the corporate journey the company has embarked on,” said the company in a statement.

The announcement of rebranding comes almost a month after Uber’s acquisition of Careem, a deal that helped the company earn close to $500 million as profit. Seera (or Al Tayyar) was an early and one of the largest investors in Careem.

Seera is also changing its portfolio structure with the introduction of three new brands – company’s travel management business unit that serves government and corporate clients will operate as Elaa, car rental business that has a fleet of over 8,000 vehicles in Saudi will be called Lumi, and the B2B Hajj & Umrah service provider for the global travel industry that will supply agents in international markets with travel packages for pilgrims will operate under the brand of Mawasim.

Seera’s CEO Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Dawood, commenting on the occasion, said, “Seera as a new identity will help fuel our growth, accelerate our progress and give every employee, stakeholder and every traveler we engage with the opportunity to go further with us. With all Business Units working towards the common goal of opening up the opportunity of travel, we are confident that Seera has the talent, knowledge and capabilities to grow commercially, socially and geographically.”

“Our opportunity now is to recognize the inherent power of travel to take us all further. To foster understanding amongst strangers, to connect and broaden minds, to breed tolerance and to accelerate learning for us all,” he added.

The company that has 80 retail travel agencies in the Kingdom is also an investor in Saudi online grocery delivery platform It’s OTAs Almosafer and Tajawal generated brought in $370 million in gross bookings in 2017. Seera had built Tajawal in-house and Almosafer was acquired by the company in 2015.

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